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The great “adventure of life on Earth” began in the sea, where unicellular beings adapted and evolved into more complex life forms. And given the tribute paid in 2009, in celebration of the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth, to the theory of the evolution of species, to the role played by him, and by others before and after him, in the construction and development of the theory of evolution of species is also explored in the exhibition.

Hence, since July 2009, the gallery which once featured replicas of fishing boats now hosts new objects for a new purpose: to exhibit the valuable collection of marine fossils held by the museum, which had never been viewed before. The result in an exhibition that carries the visitor to the origins of life, and to the maritime environment as the cradle of the most distant life forms, 450.000.000 years ago, through the great extinctions and adaptations of living beings to the different environments resulting from climate changes, culminating in the present day.


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