The Education Department aims to facilitate communication between the museum and its audience, and especially school-age groups, promoting events such as visits, workshops, conferences, theatre plays, exhibitions, raising awareness of issues pertaining to our cultural heritage.
These include environmental conservation issues, and the conservation of marine life, through themed tours and the elaboration of educational publications. These activities enforce principles such as knowledge-sharing, critical thinking skills, leisurely learning in an informal educational environment.
The Education Department participates actively in the promotion of environmental issues, celebrating World Water Day (22nd March), World Environment Day (5th June) and National Sea Day (16th November), with activities connected to Ecology. It also celebrates International Museum Day (18th May) and the International Children’s Day (1st June), with events, games and workshops.

Information and reservations.
Themed tours are subject to reservation, from Monday to Fridays, 10am - 4pm and should be confirmed by telephone or fax.
School groups cannot exceed 25 participants per group.

NOTICE: Unless otherwise specified, these activities are available in Portuguese only.






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